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Gamma Company Brings Disruptive Technology To Market

Let there be light…

Gamma Co. has created one of the most important breakthrough optical technologies, one that increases the speed of communications to levels never before achievable in history. Light Actuated Light Switching (LALS) is a hardware based component solution that enables all optical communication transmission without the need of conventional complementary metal oxide silicon (CMOS) memory devices. The LALS technology enables new all-optical networking and computing equipment with unprecedented communications speeds.

Networking and computing equipment innovation has been stymied by slower legacy electron based components in the communications pathway. Current optical communications equipment utilizes the speed of light between devices, only to be slowed by legacy CMOS memory devices requiring buffering. If communications equipment is to achieve any major jump in transmission speed, optical switching equipment must maintain an all-optical path, without the slow conversion to electron based memory. LALS technology enables the fastest all optical switching a 100,000 times faster than current CMOS memory devices (switching at speeds of 10-14 seconds).

All optical communication transmission enables faster switching and lower power consumption. All equipment today rely on electron based computing and memory components—requiring vast amounts of power in data centers function and significantly more for cooling. An all-optical based solution requires less energy to power and far less power to cool, making it the fastest and most power efficient solution in history.